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“He understands me.” When crowds cheer at Donald Trump rallies, they do so for one reason. Trump listens to his audience. He hears their conversations and reflects them, through the amplified platform of a presidential campaign, all their problems, fears and insecurities. His message won’t appeal to big chunks of America. But to those it […]

Data-driven content marketing doesn’t always require a costly investment. Of course, comprehensive research pieces and polls conducted by companies like YouGov, or interactive content pieces that use data to drive visitors towards direct and assisted conversions, involve a financial outlay. But data-driven content marketing is achievable by companies of all shapes and sizes. Here are seven potential sources of […]

Make Your Content Work Harder By Mapping It To Your Customer’s Journey One of the biggest changes we’ve seen in content marketing over the last five years is in how many companies invest. Five years ago, it seemed real content budgets were hard to come by (certainly for those of us who were out-and-out SEO […]

High quality copy is essential for any website, blog, product, service and many more digital resources and mediums. Each has their own use and purpose and (especially if you have a large audience) they probably will not use every medium or resource you have. As time is becoming increasingly precious, they will go to the […]

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