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Sweet marketing techniques turn sour when quantity overwhelms quality. Pop-up ads were a good idea until they started popping up everywhere. Likewise, email has become difficult to pull off because spammers have throttled it: spam now represents almost 57 percent of worldwide email traffic! The same thing is happening in content marketing.  In 2014, Mark […]

5 Tips for Generating B2B Leads from Content Unlike B2C businesses, most B2B products have a longer sales cycle prior to a buying decision. Generating quality leads is the most important task of B2B marketing teams. Gone are the days when B2B lead generation was about having a sales team and cold calling prospects in […]

Are you looking for new ways to supercharge your social media marketing? Social media can be a great source of leads, engagement and traffic, among other benefits. Businesses can reach a larger audience and promote themselves and their products or services, and they can connect with their fans and customers on a deeper level. In […]

Most of the eCommerce businesses undertake their marketing from random flash sales, sponsored Facebook posts and bulk email campaigns. All these promotional activities can be effective. But in the long run, incoherent marketing actions won’t create a real value for your brand. What your business truly needs is consistency. Consistent promotional actions are impossible without a precedent […]

Jill has created a fairly extensive list of topics you can include in your blog posts. We all know its a good idea to blog, but sometimes we have a hard time coming up with a topic or subject to write about. Well, here are 67 things to blog about, you only need to put […]

If you are reading this blog post, you probably already understand the concept and importance of keywords and the research that goes into finding the right keywords to bring customers to your site. Choosing the correct keyword phrases (not just keywords) can mean the difference between your site being a success or failing quickly. The […]

Since the posting of the very first YouTube video in April 2005, what began as a simple video sharing platform has transformed into a social media site with the power to launch no-name talent to stardom. AccuStream iMedia Research records, “38.4% of YouTube’s one trillion views are music videos. This percentage means that the number of YouTube […]

Why You Should Start a Blog. Are you missing out on the blogging revolution? Are you a creator who hasn’t found their medium yet? Maybe it is time to look at building a blog. If you are trying to market your site, product or service you should definitely have a blog. In today’s Internet world there isn’t […]

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