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Whether you are running a business that is looking to increase site traffic through new content (content strategy), or you want to start a personal blog to begin your career as a professional blogger, you need traffic and views from those who are interested in what you are writing and blogging about. Here is a […]

I know why you’re here: You’re dead serious about building backlinks to your site, aren’t you? And if I’m guessing right, you’ve already gone through several “How to build backlinks to your site using content marketing” guides, but you haven’t come across one that gives you clear-cut instructions on what exactly to do. If you’ve been nodding your head all this […]

The Power of Blog Marketing for Corporations A blog can be a great boon for a company. The output of regular written content helps to improve Google results, not only in ranking, but in visits. The added web presence also provides another, rather powerful, means of interacting with current and potential customers or clients. However, […]

I’ve played around with Bing over the last few days to see what it offers. Most of my evaluation has been of the results page from the user’s point of view. Are the results I’m getting relevant? How would I use the tools on the left side (“refined” results, Related Searches, Search History, etc)? How […]

Every business struggles, to some degree, to find or attract new clients and this can be even more challenging for a dentist office in today’s world. There is a lot of competition and sometimes you are in a small market with established dental practices who may already be dominating the the organic search results. What […]

Many internet users believe that the real time web isn’t available to them. If you don’t update on Twitter, post pictures on Facebook, network on LinkedIn – people think that they aren’t able to learn and benefit from the real time web. This is not the case – and tons of start-ups and new websites […]

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