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Despite the many years since John Dewey quantified the consumer decision-making process—and rigorous research on the topic—the steps haven’t changed much. What has changed, in reality, is the way that marketers can reach and assist consumers in the buying decision process. The consumer decision process takes place over five stages, the first being “Need” and […]

In all great stories the concept of the hero’s journey is simple. Essentially the beloved hero goes on a quest facing untold difficulty, but rises victorious and returns home transformed. They have received help along the way, of course. Often taking the form of a sage or wizard. There’s usually someone who aids the hero […]

In January 1996, Bill Gates wrote the following essay titled Content is King. Since then the phrase has become cliche and the benefits of content marketing have been proven over and over. Unsurprisingly, people are more likely to respond to informational content than traditional advertisements. According to a Hubspot study, 61% of consumers have made […]

Marketers have traditionally identified different kinds of consumers ranging from Innovators to laggards, with each dominating the market at a certain stage of a product lifespan. Each group of consumers have unique needs and wants that any successful company should identify in order to design their value proposition accordingly. The kinds of consumers that will […]

Small businesses in the UK are increasingly turning towards Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to get noticed. SEO plays a key role in driving more traffic to a website, thus improving its business potential. While SEO is a powerful tool, it does not yield results if not used properly. So, here are ten SEO tips to […]

You can learn a great deal from competitor analysis. And while that doesn’t mean you should be obsessed with them – we certainly encourage focusing on yourself – it doesn’t hurt to check in every now and then. Searchmetrics Searchmetrics isn’t just one tool. Oh no. It’s a full suite of incredibly powerful digital tools. […]

Running a successful online business has many facets to it. So, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the volume of information and advice that is available to you at the start of your journey. During this early phase, you may be tempted to randomly invest in lots of different areas such as social media, […]

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