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Our 360-degree approach to SEO combines technical excellence, strategic thinking, and so much more.

We’re not your normal run-of-the-mill SEO agency as quite frankly we feel being normal simply breeds mediocracy and we're only interested in the truly exceptional.

With that being said we've been providing high quality digital marketing services for over 15 years now; and to be fair, we've got really good at it too.

  • We leverage years worth of experience to get you great results.

  • With both activity and results, we like to get things done quickly.

  • All activity is heavily aligned to ensure you rank well for the most profitable search terms.

  • Don't be left in the dark about SEO, let us show you the light.

What Is SEO?

How Do Search Engines Work?

How Does SEO Work?

It’s critical to understand the distinctions between organic, natural search (also known as SEO) and paid search from the start.

There are five significant differences:

Paid vs Organic Search

It’s not all about differences – there are also similarities between paid and organic search:

What Is An SEO Agency?

When it comes to managing your website, there is no finish line.

The 3 Traditional Pillars Of SEO

  • Content
  • Outreach
  • Technical

You need lots of it. Aim for 1,000 words minimum per page as a guide.

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You must recognise the three pillars of SEO regardless of the scope of your SEO effort (local, national, or international).

The 3 Alternative Pillars Of SEO

  • Authority
  • Relevance
  • Technology

Create it.

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What Is E-A-T?

E-A-T- stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

It is rooted in Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines, which is a 168-page document first published online in 2013 and used by human quality raters to evaluate the quality of Google’s search results. The document is intended to “help webmasters understand what Google looks for in a web page.”

  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trustworthiness

How Important Is EAT?

You probably don’t care about E-A-T if you’re just looking for photographs of adorable kitties. It’s not a big problem if you see a cat that you don’t find adorable because this is a subjective topic.

However, E-A-T is crucial if you’re looking for example, for the safest and most effective aspirin dosage during pregnancy. Content on this topic produced by an inexperienced author and featured on a website with no credibility would have a high risk of containing errors or giving the wrong impression if Google were to recommend it.

Because of the importance of the information being sought, this is much more than a minor inconvenience.

Searches like “how to boost credit score” rely heavily on E-A-T. Here, recommendations from people who are neither knowledgeable nor authoritative are safe to disregard as unreliable.

How Is EAT Assessed?

Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness are related but distinct notions. Therefore, each is evaluated separately using a distinct set of criteria.

Expertise refers to a high level of knowledge or expertise in a specific topic. It is primarily judged at the content level, rather than the website or organisational level.

Google is seeking content written by subject-matter specialists.

For YMYL topics, this is about the formal expertise, qualifications, and education of the content creator.

A licensed accountant, for example, is more equipped to write on tax preparation than someone who has read a few posts on r/personalfinance.

The YMYL topics of medicine, finance, and the law require a certain level of formal understanding.

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Is EAT A Ranking Factor?

EAT is a concept rather than a ranking element.

Whilst there is no “EAT ranking factor”, in the sense that there is no measurable E-A-T score or rating that will affect your search ranks, the EAT architecture represents very genuine signals that Google examines for ranking purposes.

How To Improve EAT

  • Build Links
  • Update Content
  • Fact Check
  • Acquire Legitimate Reviews
  • Hire Industry Experts
  • Showcase Credentials


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Local SEO Services

Our SEO service for local businesses will not only boost your online presence but will also improve your sales.

We can target your online presence to any locality that you desire, ensuring that you rank high on Google in that area, thus driving additional local business for you.

By targeting your business to a locality you can ensure you receive optimal coverage in your service area.

National SEO Services

Our SEO services can help to scale your brand to a national level, improving your exposure and share of the market.

We are able to target your businesses online presence so that it ranks highly on a national scale, to any country that you choose.

By targeting a country for your business you can ensure that you rank high on Google and will get lots of traffic to your website.

International SEO Services

Hire a seasoned international SEO firm to raise your company's profile in foreign markets.

Having a high Google ranking in each country where you do business is crucial if you offer products or services internationally.

As a seasoned international SEO services agency, we utilise a wide variety of methods to boost your site's exposure and search engine rankings across the globe.

All of our international plans are individually tailored to satisfy your specific business objectives.

What Makes Our SEO Services Work?

Great content = better rankings and better user experience

Search engines consider hundreds of ranking factors when determining where to place webpages in search results. However, the three most important SEO (search engine optimization) practises are: content generation, links, and technical optimizations.

When it comes to ranking high in search engine results, content reigns supreme. Complex algorithms drive search engines, rewarding user-friendly, high-quality websites with high rankings.

This means that for a website to be successful online, it must contain current, useful information, such as regular updates, blog posts, and links to and from other high authority sources.

Getting the wrong links to your website can have a negative impact on your results. Building a fantastic network of links is a critical component of ranking first for any target search phrases.

There are also technical aspects of a website that must be correct. Our technical team will investigate the code that Google sees.


The first critical pillar is credibility. The fact that millions of users publish billions of pieces of material trillions of times every day creates a need for authority. Due to the democratic nature of search algorithms, literally anyone can publish material on any topic they choose. The use of authority distinguishes between respected sources and chancers.

Google's (unofficial) authority-o-meter is designed to prevent Joe Bloggs' views on the universe from being given the same weight as Brian Cox's. If both Bloggs and Cox write a blog about the latest revelation in astrophysics, the latter is going to obtain a higher ranking. How? Because Google – who, remember, owns YouTube – and its algorithm will be able to determine that Brian is significantly more authoritative than Joe on this topic (sorry, Joe). It examines all previously submitted information and can determine in microseconds who should rank higher.

What is actually astounding is that search engines do this for each and every keyword, query, and search that a computer or mobile device user types in.

Domain authority or domain ranking (DA or DR) is a metric used to measure the authority of a complete website, including every page and blog post. This is the statistic that websites should strive to get, since it will make it easier for their newly published content to rank quickly due to their domain's extensive background authority. If the BBC releases a new piece, it will get to the top of search engine results more quickly since they have repeatedly demonstrated their authority.

Increasing authority is one of the most crucial ranking factors in search engine results. The primary currency of search engine authorities is inbound links. Backlinks, or quality links from authoritative websites to your site or page, are a wonderful signal to search engines like Yahoo and Google that what you're saying deserves to appear in relevant search results. Backlinks serve as a form of endorsement, assuring users that your work and content will be of value to them.


Why should search engines promote your content if your website lacks relevance to the keywords you're attempting to rank for? This second pillar ensures that the developed content is relevant to the list of keywords it claims to target. The more closely your service page or blog post fits a specific query, the higher you will rank because what you are providing is the closest thing to what the user has typed.

Relevance can be achieved in a number of ways. Having visible text that is relevant and ensuring that the photos and videos on the website are also closely aligned with what you're attempting to rank for are obvious things to do. However, relevancy isn't simply skin deep. Meta components such as meta titles, tags, and alt-texts within images are crucial for enhancing the content's relevancy. Location and other incidental factors might also affect significance.

Relevance also relates to links, which are a major determinant of your ranking as determined by search engines. Suppose you are an avid football fan who enjoys writing about the sport, expressing your ideas and opinions, etc. If you receive a link from Sky Sports News because of something you've written, this is the clearest indication conceivable to Google that your material is of high quality and relevant to the target keyword.

Internal links to relevant sites on your site are also a wonderful approach to increase relevance, since they demonstrate to Google's spiders that other pages on your site are related to the page in question. By using internal links, you demonstrate a broad understanding of other pertinent topics. If you produce a blog post about the greatest running shoes and then link to another blog post about the best running shorts, you demonstrate that this content is relevant. Obviously, this assumes the link context itself is meaningful.


Trust is a large term that carries with it a great deal of emotion and nuance. But in terms of search engines, trust, for them, is everything in many ways. If they cannot trust your website, there is no way that they will supply you with the necessary search visibility to accomplish anything, as they would not risk their reputation for it.

Regarding search engine rankings, there are a variety of types of trust. For instance, does your website provide a privacy statement, terms and conditions, and disclosure? Do the site's blogs and content exceed a specific limit, are they well-written (i.e. by a human) and free of duplicate information, and do the contact data on the site match the office's actual phone number and email address? Again, links are crucial for establishing credibility since they demonstrate that other websites are pleased to mention your work.

Off-page criteria have been given increased weight as companies and individuals have expanded their presence in social media and other arenas. Obtaining more social media likes, following, and mentions will increase the credibility of a business or organisation, leading to extra benefits. Additional signs of your site's trustworthiness include the site's loading speed and the average time a person spends on it.

What Are The Hats Of SEO?

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What SEO Services Do You Offer?

Exceptional Technical, Content & Outreach

Backlink Analysis & Removal

To build the authority of your site you need links going into and out of it.

Some of these add to your site's authority, some take away from it.

We can analyse which are good for your site and which aren't, as well as build new healthy links for your site.

Link Building

To improve the authority of your website, you will need to build relevant links from other websites related to your industry in a way that appears organic for Google, so as to avoid penalties.

We focus on competitor emulation and natural outreach to build you the best quality links.

Google Penalty Removal

Google's algorithm or Googles employees will crawl your website looking for things that they don't like, and they may penalise you for anything they don't like.

We have the technology and expertise to  remove any Google penalties that you may have incurred.

SEO Copywriting

We can create high-quality, SEO-focused content that focuses on keywords that improve your website's relevancy for your chosen field.

Being keyword-rich and relevant will increase your rankings and drive traffic to your website.

We also have a knack for long form content.

SEO Training

We can provide your business with ongoing consultancy and SEO training.

This will ensure that you stay ahead of any changes to Google's algorithm's and that you can develop your own, in house expertise to add value for your employees and business.

Loading Time Optimisation

Fast loading times for your website will improve user experience, boost sales and improve your standing with Google.

We can make sure your site loads and operates quickly on both computers and mobile devices ensuring a great user experience and better rankings.

Google Friendly SEO

Let's face it, Google is the biggest search engine in the world.

For your website and online business to do well you need to satisfy Google's algorithm's to rank; which is something that we specialise in.

We will optimise your website so it is Google friendly.

Offsite SEO

We provide a bespoke and fully tailored SEO service; tailoring our strategy to your company's needs in terms of developing your online presence.

Whether this is strategising about link building, developing a public relations strategy or even assisting with your outreach activities, we can help.

eCommerce SEO

Whatever platform your retail website works on, whether it's Shopify, Magento or WordPress, we have the expertise and knowledge to optimise your website to drive rankings and traffic.

Which in turn, will increase the sales that your business makes.

Website Audit (MOT)

We utilise our robust technical expertise to ensure that your coding is clean and that none of it is broken; that it's easy for Google to crawl your site and to examine it's internal linking structure to ensure authority flow optimally: all of which will maximise your site's visibility.

Small Business SEO

Often small businesses can struggle to make their online presence felt.

We will work alongside your company so that you are seen right there alongside the giants in your industry; thus driving targeted traffic which will help you to grow and expand your business.

Structured Data

We can mark up your website with structured data to add greater semantic meaning to your content so that Google will understand your service offering better.

By adding rich snippets we are able to pull off such wizardry as making your website featured by Google when people search for answers.

SEO Consultancy

Google, like all company's, are always growing and developing. As a result, their algorithms for search constantly keep changing and evolving.

We can advise your business on the latest, greatest SEO strategies and techniques to ensure that your in house team can stay ahead of any changes that Google makes.

Google Places

Using Google places to advertise your business is a great way to increase actual footfall on your premises as well as target local customers.

We can help you to utilise this tool from Google to ensure that you are maximising your local exposure, therefore increasing your sales.

Mobile SEO

In an age where people are always on the go, making sure that your website is mobile friendly is of utmost importance to ensure your online success.

We have the expertise to make certain that your site is fully optimised for mobile devices.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is the practice of influencing stakeholder perceptions and public conversations about an organisation and its brands.

Monitoring perceptions and dialogues, responding to reputational threats, and actively grabbing opportunities to enhance one's reputation are all part of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What would you like to know?

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked SEO questions.

Are you a business owner who is looking to improve your online visibility? If so, then you may be wondering what SEO services are and how they can benefit you.

SEO services encompass a variety of strategies aimed at improving a website’s visibility and searchability online.

SEO services are a necessary part of any business’s online marketing strategy. By optimizing your website for search engines, you can increase your visibility and draw more traffic to your site.

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