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There is no doubt that Google is the world’s leading search engine, with search engine statistics showing that Google dominates the search engine market at 92.47% as of June 2021. However despite Google’s clear lead in the search engine market, users might not enjoy the amount of data the search engine giant collects about them. Every time they browse, […]

[Update – 9th November 2012] Google has made the attribution modelling tool available to all users. This enables a much quicker and sophisticated analysis of assisted conversions data. With the shiny new Google Analytics interface came several new features including real-time Analytics and Assisted Conversions. While there’s no doubt the former is hugely important in assessing the immediate […]

What is machine learning in PPC? Machine learning has taken off over the last few years and transformed the world of PPC through automation. Thankfully it’s becoming much rarer for marketers to have to spend hours laboriously working on bid management, targeting and timings of campaigns. As a result of advancements in machine learning across […]

Christmas was barely over before all the Easter messaging started, and let’s not forget Valentine’s Day, then we have Mother’s Day, the May Bank Holidays, Summertime, Back To School, Halloween and before you know it, it’s Christmas again! Regardless of what your business does, then the chances are there’s at least one seasonal event that […]


Any business looking for a highly effective digital PR strategy to achieve its goals must have strong content writing and newsworthy campaigns and content. This is because at the heart of every single digital PR strategy are the publications that hold the attention of the business’s target audience. Having media outlets with authoritative voices that can speak […]

When it comes to building a decent website, content is still king. The key to creating decent copy that not only draws readers to your site but also gets your brand message across is to make it compelling. You want to create something worth reading – not just a scrambled up splurge of information that’s […]

I can’t tell you the number of times we have heard … “Wow – Technology these days!”. Here’s some more details on the Social Media world. I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard the phrase – “Technology these days” – and in my own entry into the Social Media Marketing world, […]

Social Media Marketing is a process of promoting websites or businesses with the help of different social media channels to achieve the marketing objectives easily. There are many people who do WordPress blogging, but they are highly sceptical about using social media for it. So, here is a list of the top 10 benefits of […]

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