10 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Your Blog

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Social Media Marketing is a process of promoting websites or businesses with the help of different social media channels to achieve the marketing objectives easily. There are many people who do WordPress blogging, but they are highly sceptical about using social media for it. So, here is a list of the top 10 benefits of social media marketing. Just go through it carefully. Even the sceptics will change into true believers.

A Big Exposure On The Web

Most dedicated blog owners want to get their brand out to the public and show it to as many people they can. This is not an easy task as many new blogs/websites go online on a daily basis and all compete fiercely for a higher ranking on search engines. This goal of better brand recognition can be achieved by using different social media channels. It all starts with sharing your blog’s content on major social platforms and provide more exposure to your blog quickly and efficiently.

For example: You can use Facebook to promote your content. You need to create your blog page on this social networking site and add a social sharing button to the blog using WordPress plugins. Whenever you publish a new post, just share it on the Facebook page to get more page views, likes, and shares.

Traffic Enhancement

When you share your blog posts on different social media channels, a large number of social media users view them. If your content is interesting and offers the visitors a great value, they love to share it further and recommend to others as well. This helps you to increase traffic to your blog and gain more subscribers. It gives you more business opportunities easily and quickly.

Enhanced Ranking Of Your Blog

Social media marketing is an important activity if you want to increase your blog’s ranking on Google and other prominent search engines. While looking for websites or web pages to display the most relevant results against the user’s search terms, Google takes note of your blog’s social presence prominently.

If your blog posts are shared by social media users in great numbers, Google may consider it more useful for visitors and award your blog a decent ranking in its search results. Therefore, you must try to use all prominent social media channels to get fans/followers and try to get your posts shared by them. If it happens, the visibility of your blog on the world wide web is enhanced up to a great extent.

A Sharp Improvement In Customer Engagement

A large section of tech-savvy people don’t use the Internet for different works and they are just limited to social media channels. If you intensify the social media marketing activities, social media users tend to land your websites frequently and take interest in your offerings.

A Sharp Increase In Audience Size

It is very difficult for blog owners to increase their customer base through organic traffic. It is possible that a visitor that once landed on your blog through Google search, may not visit it again because of its fluctuating ranking in Google’s SERP. But, if you add that visitor to your social media pages, he/she will love to visit your blog after getting social media notifications. In this way, you can increase the audience size and can gain its financial benefits.

For instance, If a visitor lands on your website and starts following your blog on twitter, he/she will be able to get latest updates about your blog posts. This will enable him/her to get engaged with your blog posts through Twitter and respond accordingly. If you use at least 10 different social media channels, your user base is increased up to a great extent within a short time span.

Rapid lead Generation

If you do the social media marketing appropriately, it helps you to reach out a large number of potential customers available on different social media channels and promote your products, services, E-products, etc. It will help you to create business opportunities and accelerate the lead generation process.

For example- To promote your blog and market your products, you can conduct live chats from time-to-time. You can communicate directly with the targeted audience, discuss the usefulness of your products, services, E-products, etc, for them and create business opportunities. It also helps you to deal take customer’s questions and provide the best possible solutions on the spot. It can please your audience and they will love to be a part of your lead generation process several times.

Fast Growth In Web-Based Business

The survival of your web-based business depends mainly on how well it performs in terms of traffic, the usability of the blog, lead generation, sharing of content on different social media channels, etc. If you perform social media marketing rightly, you can achieve all these goals easily. This assists you to increase your web-based business up to a great extent.

Cost Efficiency

We all know that it takes a considerable amount of time and money to promote a blog by dint of different marketing activities. But, it’s not a case with social media marketing. It is actually a cost-efficient way to make your brand visible to your targeted audience. You can use different social media channels to promote your content on the World Wide Web and get its benefits.

Even if you give paid advertisements on Facebook or any other social media channels, they still cost less compared to other platforms. You should write appealing and clear content to increase the effectiveness of your social ads. Creating concise quotes, punch lines, etc, would also help you to make your advertising campaigns successful.

Excellent Customer Service

It doesn’t matter how good your customer service is, you will enjoy the appreciation of customers if you solve their problems the way they like. Most of the people like to communicate with you through different social media channels. If you become responsive to their problems, it improves the quality of your customer service and brand recognition.

For example- Most of the people say they get immediate answers from brands on prominent social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. So, you must focus your attention on these two social networking sites prominently and try to take as many questions as you can.

User-Generated Content

All digital marketing activities ask for unique and meaningful content. If you have quality content in sufficient numbers, you can launch digital marketing activities and achieve the end goal of your web-based business. However, due to high demand and lower supply, there is always the scarcity of content.

When you share your posts on social media channels, you get lots of free UGC in the comment section or at other places. You can use that UGC to optimize your blog and in social media marketing. This will give you a lot of benefits in terms of free marketing of your blog, more page views, sharing of your content, etc.

Final Words:

Social media marketing has become an integral part of WordPress blogging. These are top 10 benefits of social media channels in WordPress blogging-remember them and start using from the day one. Your web-based business could grow quickly.

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