6 Ways To Write Content Optimised For Readers And Search Engines

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If you’re looking to push your brand through social media, or create a buzz about a product or service, it’s important to create content that people love. This content will act as a bridge between your brand and potential new customers.

If the content you produce, however, is not optimized for search engines, then you will have an uphill struggle finding new reader. It is important to write content not just with your readers in mind, but also with some key optimization methods. Consider the following six tips, and you’ll be able to create better quality content that is easy to find through search engines and social media.

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The first step to creating good content, is considering topics that are unique, or offer a unique perspective. For instance, if you intend to write about content which has already been covered by other websites, consider new ways of presenting this same content that readers will find interesting.

A new perspective will draw in new readers or create a discussion. An entirely new topic will be even more effective, – and when combined with effective keyword optimization, it can be a huge draw for your website. Online tools like Paper Fellows can help you create the best content. The website gives you access to a community of writers from all over the world, who can assist you in the editing and proofreading process.

By utilizing professional writers and editors to help you create original content, you’ll produce content that naturally appears higher in search rankings given it is the only content of its kind.

Use the Right Keywords

As well as original content, you need to understand how SEO keywords work. These keywords are the words that Internet users will enter into search engines. The words must be included in the content you create so that the search engine algorithms can accurately match your website with users entering relevant search queries.

If you’d like to learn more about keywords, and how you can improve your ability to include relevant keywords, be sure to use online tools like WordStream. This is a free keyword tool that helps you find ideas for keywords. You simply enter a keyword that relates to your content, business, or website – and you’ll be given a long list of similar keywords that could be used throughout the rest of your website.

Small SEO Tools is another powerful tool, too, helping you check the density of keywords used in your article. Remember that search engines will discredit your website should you use too many keywords. Keyword saturation, as it is known, is frowned upon by search engines.

Keep Up to Date with SEO

In order to ensure that search engines are always providing the most relevant results to their users, Google and Bing engineers constantly adapt algorithms. These algorithms are always being improved to ensure that websites who try and break the rules and trick the system are not rewarded.

So you are able to make your website as effective as possible, you should use the plethora of online tools that help ensure you’re keeping in line with the latest SEO rules and algorithms. Internet Marketing Ninjas offers a free optimization tool, which you can use to make sure the keywords you use are appropriate, placed in the right place, and giving you the results you need. Yoast is another popular platform, which you can integrate directly into your website. Yoast analyses your keywords and meta data, and helps you ensure every post is perfectly crafted before you publish.

Remember Length Matters

Longer content usually means better rankings.

One key part of the algorithm changes by search engines is length. These algorithms will consider the length of your article as well as the keywords and keyword density, and determine whether you are playing by the rules of purposely attempting to play the system.

If you’re worried about your content being too long or too short, you can use online proofreading and editing services like Assignment help. With this online service, you can connect with writing and editing professionals who provide valuable advice at an affordable rate. No matter the style or genre of your content, a writer from Essay Roo can show you where you’re making mistakes, and help you ensure every word you publish is perfect.

Easy Word Count is another important tool. Here, you can simply copy and paste your content into the page, and you’ll be given information about the number of words you’ve written, as well as characters.

Use Quality Backlinks

Backlinks were listed as the #2 reason for better organic ranking by search metrics.

Another major change made to search engine algorithms comes in the form of backlinks. These days, it is essential that your website links back to other websites that have a high Alexa ranking. Linking to the top 100,000 most popular sites on the Internet gives your website credibility, and proves to web algorithms that the content on your site is accurate and properly sourced. It’s even better if major websites link back to your website.

Using online tools, you can ensure that your backlinks are valuable, and that you fully understand all elements of search engine algorithm requirements. Ginger Software offers a great deal of help when writing your content, with its cross-platform grammar checker, translation feature and sentence rephrasing. With a writing tool like Ginger Software, you can ensure that your content is written well and contains all the quality backlinks you need.

If you want specific information about traffic to your website and the performance of backlinks, Ahrefs offers a detailed insight. You can see your Ahrefs rank, all your referring domains, and how many backlinks your website currently has. This is the ultimate tool to see your performance progress and change.

Create a Following Network

Benefits of Social Media

Finally, remember that your content relies not just on search rankings, but also on social media. If your writing and website has a loyal following, then it will have a solid footing on social media. Your loyal following will share your content, giving it the boost it needs to become viral.

In order for your following to be enthusiastic, however, it’s important to ensure that every piece of content you produce provides a service to the reader. Using the advice outlined above, including creating unique content, and using the right keywords, you’ll be producing articles and blog content that is interest, unique, and easily accessible.

If you need help editing your content to ensure your following is really interested in what you have to say, then there are lots of online tools you can use. UK Writings, for instance, offers a network of professional writers, editors, and proofreaders who can provide writing consultation services. Sign up and explain what you need, and you’ll be given a price to receive the services you need.

Boomessays offers a similar service, with a team of highly experienced writers, researchers, editors, and proofreaders who will assist you in the content writing process, and provide advice.

With these six tips, and a huge range of online tools, it is easier than ever to produce content that you’ll be proud of. Be sure to take on board this advice, and your website will benefit from content that is discovered more easily on social media and search engines.

London-based cartoonist Tom Gauld depicted this internal debate in his comic “The Writer” where a writer fiercely debates whether or not what she wrote is actually funny. The moral of the comic? It may be best not to second-guess yourself.

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