Ideas Are Easy. Execution Is Everything.

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Will is the “ideas man” at Evolutia. Leading our outreach department, he knows that great ideas, innovation and creativity are key to landing great placements for our clients.

Working in a creative agency and industry, ideas aren’t too hard to come by. Each person has their own way of thinking through everyday tasks, which is taken into idea generation, whether it is for a professional purpose or from a mere conversation with friends. Ideas are not a limited resource that will vanish into thin air as soon as you think of one. They may not be as original and revolutionary as you may like, but they will not stop coming. The possibilities all around us at all times reveal areas of opportunity that can be so valuable and interesting when you’re in the right frame of mind.

Tiny ideas can become great campaigns, interesting articles can become reformed works of marketing art, and we adapt and observe as the opportunities and content around us changes.

Steve Jobs wasn’t the first person to think of the tablet computer, Microsoft had that thought years before and quite possibly someone else before them.

Apple’s iTunes was said to be fathomed from a prank Richard Branson played on a candidate where he said they had been working on a ‘music box’ that would store every piece of music they could get their hands on. Steve Jobs was utterly sold on the idea and had told Branson some years later. This may or may not be what happened, but it’s another example of how ideas are presented to us in all situations, and it is how we execute them which make them great.

I’ve used Steve Jobs and Apple as a prime example because of their famously brilliant execution throughout all channels. Apple may be on a different scale to the reader of this, but we can still take the basic principle of what they have shown us with their products and scale it down to how we approach idea generation, the way we work day to day with different departments, and how we execute each campaign, design or whatever it may be.

Still don’t be afraid to discuss your ideas, as you never know when you might just be on to something great.

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