Is Your Content As Effective As It Could Be?

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Everything has a purpose – or at least, it should if you want to be successful. Understanding this allows you to make sure you tailor your content, images, video, designs and everything else needed for a digital presence to the end user you have targeted. This makes it more likely you’re going to engage with them, keep them coming back and build up a loyal base. The moment this purpose is lost, that’s when your audience will disappear and chances are they won’t come back. Ever.

Getting the target right

I won’t hark on about audience this time (well, not completely) because by now, I’m hoping you’ve all got the message from that side. There are some things other things that this should have influenced for your content but if not, here they are.

Have you aimed your content correctly? Particularly if you are selling a product or service, then don’t talk about yourself, your brand and such – make everything about them. The images should give them an idea of what to expect and what they can get from spending their money. The content should be about their needs, so use “you” a lot, and make it personal and relatable where possible.

Stick to targeting one person. Your products and services may well benefit hundreds or thousands of people but no one wants to think about other people at this stage of their search. They want to think about their needs, what they’ll get out of it and if you don’t cater to that, you’ll miss out. You have a clear purpose with this as to what you want people to do so make your case and make it with them in mind.

Creativity will be rewarded

You might be restricted to a certain tone or have to include keywords and phrases in your content but there is room to be creative and you’d be surprised at how well this works if done properly. Look at any number of websites and you’ll see how bland the content can be – they are trying to sound professional and authoritative and this sees them sacrifice personality.

Unfortunately, because so many websites are doing the same people are bored of it. Authority can be achieved with a number of tones – with the right research behind you, people will adapt to your tone if it’s what they want. In some cases, people will return because they appreciate your style, or find it funny and such. Dare to be different and you’ll stand out from the rest. Keep your tone consistent with whatever you choose but know that the bland professional option isn’t the only one open to you.

Uniqueness is still important

You might be tired of hearing this by now but good quality content that is unique is essential to success. Search engines are looking out for duplicate content all the time and are constantly becoming smarter. If you haven’t jumped on this band wagon yet (where have you been?) you need to start taking it seriously before you find yourself sinking through the ranks faster than a stone in water.

Don’t be afraid to make your mark on your content and in turn your audience. You need to be different, make an impact and draw people in. Do this in the right way and you’ll see success quickly.

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