Small Business Marketing Strategies That Work

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As marketers, we’re all striving to find the best digital marketing strategies for our brand and when it comes to content marketing, even though it doesn’t always necessarily deliver immediate results, it’s a tactic worthy of investment!

Here we share our top 3 content marketing strategies that work.

Focus on creating great titles

The title is the first thing the reader will read about your post. According to Moz, 80% of readers never make it past the headline! So if you create eye-catching titles, there’s more chance they will keep reading the post, or at least scan to see whether it’s worthy of their time. Creating catchy and interesting titles can be difficult, so using free title idea generator tools such as Portent, HubSpot or the aptly named Title Generator and see what creative title ideas they can spark!

Re-think your page content strategy

Take a look into your backend analytics and look at the pages that are most frequently landed on. What does the content look like on those pages? Is your content highlighting the elements you want it to highlight? You need to aim to offer the user a simple yet pleasant user experience, so re-trace your customers’ most popular pages to land on and make sure they’re emphasising the actions you want them to take next. If it’s not clear what each of your landing pages are proposing for the user, you need to sit down and re-think your page content strategy to ensure you’re taking advantage of the traffic landing on those pages!

Create eye-catching CTAs

Creating eye-catching calls-to-action will help accentuate the product offers you most want to convert, or actions you most want your users to complete. A CTA can be text-based such as using the word ‘checkout’ or image-based such as a clickable outfit display. Calls-to-action in essence, can help boost conversions through your site. You just have to make sure you place them on the best possible pages, so understanding your customers’ touchpoints and their place in the buying cycle is crucial for this strategy to work!

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