The Importance Of On-site Personalisation For Your Fashion Brand

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On-site personalisation is a must for all businesses, regardless of industry. But when it comes to the fashion industry, there’s so much competition it can be difficult to truly connect with each customer. This is where on-site personalisation comes in. Each customer is different, so giving them all the same experience isn’t going to make a splash.

Here we discuss the importance of on-site personalisation for your fashion brand…

It helps increase conversions

But how does on-site personalisation help increase conversions? Cross-selling has long been a part of the sales process and most of the time, if you’ve come for one item, then you’ll probably leave with one item. However, personalising the cross-selling approach based on each customer’s purchase history can help to gently nudge them into buying more than one item. So, a more personalised experience for them and a higher conversion rate for you! Perfect.

Increase user retention

Receiving highly-relevant content prompting the customer to take a look at new dresses or shoes similar to the items they’ve liked in the past helps cement the relationship between the customer and your fashion brand. Knowing the email communication received by the brand will always be relevant and tailored to past interests, makes it more likely that the customer will welcome correspondence from your brand.

It adds a much-needed human touch

The growth of digital communication means that many brands lose that human connection with their audience. Everything becomes automated and almost robotic. Even though on-site personalisation is automatically triggered, it’s linked to specific actions completed by the user making it relevant to the purchases they’ve made previously. Greeting the user by first name can also help create a dialogue between your customer and your fashion brand.

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