What Does It Mean To Be A Google Premier Partner?

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Partnering with Google is imperative today, especially when your business is using the Internet for lead generation and as a marketing tool. Google is by far the most used search engine for organic results. Market share in the search engine world shows Google to be the king with 74% of the world using their service. Bing isn’t even second, it is third with just under 8%. Google also holds the largest share of advertising spend with 39% of online dollars given to Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords).

Obviously, knowing how to work with Google is imperative to achieve online marketing success, whether you are targeting organic search in an SEO campaign, or looking to drive visitors to your website with an online advertising campaign or using both in tandem. It is also crucial that you find an online marketing company that has an engaged partnership with Google. A company, such as TSCA. You can find many Internet marketing companies that have the Google Partnership logo on their site, but it is more difficult to achieve PREMIER status as a Google Premier Partner.

This premier partnership provides us with direct access to team of Google Account Strategists. Our team of 4 Googlers currently work out of the Manchester offices. TSCA works in tandem with the Google team to develop and improve strategies for our Google Ads clients. We also are given access to beta programs and initiatives before they are released into the mainstream. This means we have access to marketing tools provided by Google before other agencies who are just partners.

You can click on the Google Premier Partner logo below and see that TSCA is a premier partner, but what exactly does this mean?

Google provided us with the graphics you see below to share that information with you.

Not All Agencies are Created Equal

GOOGLE’S MISSION: Partner with the fastest growing agencies at a foundational level to accelerate the growth of their business.

Not All Agencies are Created Equal


About Google Partners

Google Partners provides online marketing companies and professionals with the resources, training and support to help advertisers be more successful online.

To qualify for Premier Partner status, agencies must:

  • Create and complete a Partners company profile
  • Pass AdWords certification (≥ 2 affiliated members)
  • Spend over $10K USD over 90-days
  • Demonstrate agency performance by delivering strong client and agency growth

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