10 Website Conversion Optimisation Tips to Increase Website Conversion Rate

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Conversion Rate Optimisation is a time-consuming, on-going task. Understanding how your users interact with your site and then modifying each aspect of your site to help best fulfil the user’s needs can be difficult. So here we offer 10 tips to optimise your site for conversions!
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  1. Make one change at a time when A/B testing, otherwise you won’t know which element is responsible for any change in conversions!
  2. It’s not always about words. In a test conducted by HubSpot, 21% more people clicked on a red button over a green button. So don’t dismiss the impact just altering the colours of your calls-to-action can have!
  3. Don’t just copy your competitors’ attempts at conversion rate optimisation. Looking to your competitors can certainly give you more ideas for your own optimisation, but don’t just assume what they’ve employed will work for you too!
  4. Obtain honest feedback from your users, or – failing that – you can recruit a third party user testing company. This will give you real insight into how users not only interact with your site, but reasons why they haven’t converted.
  5. After your first round of site optimisation, don’t think ‘job well done’ and simply tick the task off. CRO should be a cyclical element of your digital marketing strategy, keep striving to make your users’ experience a better one!
  6. Get rid of unnecessary distractions. If you’re putting contradicting calls-to-action on each product page, how is the user supposed to know what you’re wanting them to do next? Make the user journey as focused as possible to help boost conversions.
  7. Create a sense of urgency. From countdown clocks until next day delivery to low stock prompters, there are many for your brand to experiment with!
  8. Marketing automation can help decrease basket abandonment rates. eConsultancy state that, a basket reminder strategy can recover as much as 25% of abandoned revenue.
  9. Create a personalised experience. Platforms such as HubSpot allow you to easily personalise your content, calls-to-action and landing pages for exceptional user experience. A simple personalised token welcoming a returning user back to the page, makes an instant connection with your customers.
  10. Make your USP crystal clear. You need to remember that the user is more informed when it comes to buying products online. There’s nothing to stop them quickly searching your competitor’s site for a similar product. So make your brand stand out!

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