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Conversion rate at its very basic principle is:

  • Find out what’s not working.
  • Fix it.

But to do that you need to build a strong and dynamic legal conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategy. In this blog we’ve pulled together thirteen amazing tools which will help you research, analyse and test your legal CRO plan.

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When conducting your conversion rate optimisation research it’s important to bench mark your firm’s and competitor’s current performance so that you can set realistic and achievable goals, here are three tools to help you do just that:

  1. Similarweb lets you discover what your competitor’s website traffic statistics are.
  2. Alexa is a tool which has a large amount of traffic metric data from across the web allowing you to get strategic insights into web traffic.
  3. Owler provides reports on the latest and most important competitive updates on any company.

But as well as benchmarking your legal firm against competitors and legal industry averages you should research what your ideal claimants think and how they behave, here are two great tools to help you:

  1. Marketizator allows you to create behavioural surveys based on your site or the channel that a visitor comes from, helping you to see just how users behave.
  2. Survey Monkey allows you to survey your target market and research what exactly they are looking for in a legal firm.

Both of these tools are not only great for your CRO research but are also brilliant for CRO testing as they let you get an understanding of how users feel and interact with your legal firm online.


Once you’ve done all your research you need to start analysing the data you’ve gathered from it as well as all the data you’ve been gathering form your website and social platforms. So here are some amazing tools to help you analyse the behaviour of your visitors so you can begin testing how best you can convert them into new claimants.

  1. Lucky Orange automatically creates recordings of visitor’s sessions using behaviour tags.
  2. Crazy Egg provides you with heatmaps and scroll map tools to help you visualize where people click on your firm’s website and where they don’t.
  3. GoSquared gives you real-time analytics monitoring reports and an understanding of your web traffic.
  4. VWO brings all of the above into one simple to use tool so you can see just how visitors behave in just one place.
  5. Google Analytics is the most popular website analytics tool out there allowing you to analyse your website visitors and your sites performance, in a completely free area by the giant that is Google.


Having researched and analysed, your CRO plan will now require you to make changes but it’s massively important that you test these changes before pushing them completely and making them a permanent fixture on your legal firm’s website. So here are three tools to help you do that:

  1. UserTesting can provide you with videos of real people using and interacting with your website, allowing you to see if they prefer changes or not.
  2. AB Tasty lets you A/B test your content and check the impact on your key performance indicators.
  3. CrossBrowserTesting is a tool which allows you to test the functionality of your A/B testing on different browsers.

By using these tools you can support all your firm’s conversion rate optimisation efforts and start reaping the benefits for your legal firm.

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