3 Simple SEO Strategies Your Law Firm Should Try

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Are you looking to update your law firm’s SEO strategy but not sure where to start? The world of SEO and Google’s ever-changing algorithms can be quite daunting, so take a look at our 3 simple SEO strategies your law firm can try to so you can start improving your site’s online visibility.

Ramp up your content

Content is key when it comes to SEO performance, and it should be one of the first things you address when reviewing your current SEO strategy. According to Search Engine Journal, there’s around 3.3 million blog posts written per day, yet the quality of each of these posts can definitely be questioned.

Many law firms are under the impression that the more content published the better, putting content quality on the backburner. This can mean that visitors are viewing your content without really getting the answers they were looking for, which then results in poor user experience and potentially a lost lead. A high bounce rate or short average amount of time spent on the page by readers could also potentially be sending negative feedback to search engines, alerting them that your content isn’t of great quality. Ensuring that you regularly publish high-quality content that provides the information your readers are searching for will help to boost your position in search results and increase your chances of generating an increasing number of relevant leads.

Include Schema markup

Having Schema markup correctly implemented on your website’s pages will enable your firm to tell search engines exactly who you are with ‘rich snippets’. Schema is a piece of HTML code which can dramatically transform how your listing shows up in a search engine results page, making it more likely that users will click through onto your site.

Combined with optimised page titles and meta descriptions, Schema markup can prove to be hugely beneficial when it comes to SEO performance, as you immediately become more trusted in the eyes of the searcher.

Review your social presence

Raising brand awareness and getting your name out there on social media is a great way to enhance your SEO success. Active legal firms on social media engage with their audience and post regular updates that are relevant to their field, ultimately increasing the chances of getting their content indexed quicker in search results if it is shared.

Your firm may have a Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook account, but do you have a plan in place when it comes to posting content? If you have produced a great piece of content on your blog, the best way of getting it out there is through social sharing – don’t let your writing go unseen! With the average life of a tweet being 18 minutes or less, don’t be afraid to repost your content more than once on social media at different times of day and with a different angle or hook.

If you’re a legal marketer who is looking to ramp up SEO activity for your firm, start off by trying these three simple methods. Making small changes can go a long way when it comes to SEO, so why not test the effectiveness of these 3 strategies in your own firm? For even more hints and tips about SEO in the legal sector, click here.

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