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Content Marketing is a great tool for your legal firm, it provides you with something to share via social media, can increase your search ranking and can help convert potential claimants into claimants by establishing you as a legal authority. So check out these three compelling copy writing tips which will help your content convert.

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Know your persona

When creating content for your legal marketing campaigns it’s important that you completely know and understand your claimant persona. To do this you need to get behind what exactly are the issues they come against and why would they be looking for your legal services. Start by asking yourself a series of questions about their personal background, where they work and the challenges they face. By doing this you’ll gather a mass of data which will allow you to tailor and target your content in the hopes of converting visitors into claimants.

Make it emotional

The key to compelling copy is connecting with your audience on an emotional level. Of course it is important to discuss the features of your legal services, but that will only get you so far, as features speak to the logical part of the brain but when someone makes a decision there is a lot of emotion involved.  It could even be said this is more so the case in the legal sector, as in most cases when an individual is in need of the services of a solicitor it is because of an emotional problem be it an injury, a divorce or even a business case.

Tailor your CTA

The business goal of your content is to move the reader to the next step in the claimant journey. Yes you want the copy to be relevant and informative but in the end you want it to convert and the most compelling way to do that is through a tailored call-to-action. So when building your CTA you need to make sure you ask your reader to take the next step in their journey, be it to download an eBook, sign-up for a webinar or have a 30 minute free consultation with one of your experts.

So there you have it three compelling copy writing tips which are sure to make your content convert, why not check out these five killer creative content ideas before you start your next content marketing campaign.

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