3 Simple Ways To Engage Your Target Market At Christmas Time

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Even though we’re still only in October, and it’s probably too early to start buying gifts (even though nearly a third of UK shoppers started in September!), it’s important your fashion brand thinks ahead with marketing tactics. You’ve been planning your AW15 lines in advance, so why not apply the same proactive nature to your digital marketing? Christmas is of course a busy period for purchasing gifts, particularly with the convenience of online shopping. According to Edelivery, 3/4 of UK consumers will do half their Christmas shopping online this year. So you need to make sure you take full advantage and boost your brand awareness to reap those revenue benefits.

But how can you do it? Here are 3 simple ways:

Send out Christmas email offers

Sounds basic doesn’t it? But Christmas email offers, toward the end of November, can spark excitement amongst your customers. Highlighting how your customers can get the product in time for their Christmas party and last chance and low stock messages, can work really well around the festive period. Sending dedicated product emails late November or early December aimed at ‘stocking filler’ gift ideas in time for Christmas, can also help increase your Christmas conversions.

Christmas competition

Competitions can work really well at any time of the year. But, a Christmas competition across social media, can give your brand that big boost of awareness needed during this season. The competition will only do well if it’s highly relevant for your target market, of course. To ensure your campaign engages your social followers, make the competition user-generated. Interaction across social media is important for any fashion brand, so encouraging users to share their best Christmas/winter outfits to count as entry into the competition would work very well indeed.


Personalisation can help your customers re-engage with your brand. To be classed as a customer, they might have only bought 1 item from you many moons ago. Getting back in touch with a personalised digital Christmas card, can be a great way to re-connect. Remembering what they bought way back when, or just when they last bought from you, can help gently nudge them back into active customer mode. The personal touches can go a long way!

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