Why Have A Mobile Friendly Website? Why Build A Responsive Website?

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If you don’t already have a mobile website or a mobile responsive design for your site, then not only are you disappointing your mobile users, you’re missing out on a lot of potential sales opportunities. The ecommerce world has shift and continues to grow and expand alongside the ever-demanding customer.

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So why should you have a mobile-friendly site? Here’s 7 reasons!

  1. Mobile shopping has overtaken PC and laptop shopping, so if you don’t make your site mobile-friendly you’re missing out on all those mobile conversions!
  1. Google favours sites that are mobile-friendly over those who aren’t. If you haven’t heard of Google’s mobile algorithm update dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’, have a read here.
  1. Customers want a mobile-friendly site. Shopify reported that mobile now accounts for more than half of ecommerce traffic!
  1. You need a mobile-friendly website in order to remain competitive in the fashion industry. Have a look at some of your major competitors, we’re betting that the majority of them have a mobile-friendly site!
  1. In Ofcom’s 2015 Communications Market Report, research found that Smartphones are in the pockets of 90% aged 16-24 but perhaps most surprisingly 55-64 year olds have also latched on to the smartphone revolution, in fact ownership in this age group has more than doubled since 2012 to 50%. So no matter your demographic, they’re mobile!
  1. In the same Ofcom report, research also found that as a nation we spend up to 2 hours every day browsing the internet.
  1. Adobe Digital Marketing Insights suggests that mobile users spend 20% more than desktop or laptop users.

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