5 Killer Creative Content Ideas For The Legal Marketer

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Marketing for your legal practice has probably seen a whirlwind of change over the last several years, from a focus on offline to the current digital revolution. And one of the most recent members of that revolution is inbound marketing, particularly through the use creative content marketing. It’s easy to think that after setting up your firm’s blog and posting once or twice a month that you’re doing enough, but there are a lot more creative ways you can use content to help increase leads.

So, here are five creative content ideas for your practice.

1. A blog is a blog or is it?

A blog doesn’t have to just be standard set of four or five paragraphs, there are a number ways to spice it up a little such as using lists or checklists, like “10 Most Claimed for Injuries” or “5 Things to Check in Your Legal Contract”. Lists can be a powerful tool allowing for easy digestion of a number of pieces of different content which users a more likely share across social channels.

2. Bigger is always better – Long form content 

So you’ve got a couple of 5oo word blogs to help build some awareness for your firm in the big search engines, but are they answering the questions your clients have? Your answer to that will hopefully be “yes”, but do your blogs provide a solution as well? Long form content allows you take that question and not only answer it but start serving up some alternatives and solutions. Look to maximise the use of brand journalism by bringing in expert opinions from thought leaders and high level industry sources. This will help you boost not only the quality and useful nature of that content but its search-ability on the web, too!

3. Utilise the sense of sound with podcasting

Podcasting has been around for some time now but is currently undergoing a revival with numerous big businesses getting involved from General Electric, IBM and Slack. Podcasts allow your audience to consume your content on the go from commuting to exercising, ensuring your brand, message and services are at the forefront of their mind! Best tips are to aim for a 30 minute show with discussions around certain key industry areas and where possible consider featuring an expert guest, not just to give your listeners a change of voice but to help reinforce the points that episode is trying to make.  The other great thing about podcasts is they are quite easy to sell to the board, as all you need is a microphone and editing software such as Audacity which is completely free.

With time constraints being one of the biggest challenges we face on a daily basis, visual content is a great answer to that problem, so ideas three and four focus heavily on that.

4. Capture your Audience’s Eye with an Infographic

Infographics are all the rage; they are the perfect way of getting across a lot of content in a small space. They also allow you to get that information across in a more eye-catching manner, which can also reinforce your firm’s values. Why not check out our infographic for why law firms should invest in content marketing.

5. Keep the Momentum going with Video

Video is a highly creative content idea, which can be used across the whole of your buyer’s cycle from a 30 second promo to raise awareness for your firm to a longer client testimonial clip to help close that lead that’s been escaping you.  But video doesn’t just help reduce the time audience members need to spend consuming your content it also increases the understanding of your services by 74%. And with the potential to increase click through rate by 65% it’s a content marketing tool that shouldn’t be missed.

There you go five killer creative content ideas for the legal marketer, so it’s time to get creating, but if you’re looking to find out how these creative content ideas can fit within your content marketing strategy why not download our eBook 9 Content Marketing Tips For The Legal Sector

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