4 Tips To Help You Create A Converting CTA Button

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Creating a call-to-action that converts is the goal for any ecommerce site. And for your fashion brand, understanding how to capture the eye of your target buyer personas is crucial to remaining competitive in this volatile industry. But just how can you ensure your CTA buttons convert? Well, we’ve gathered together 8 tips to help you create a converting CTA button…

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#1 Make sure your words are action-led

The words used on your CTA button can make a huge difference to their converting potential. Firstly, you’ll want to include an action such as ‘Download now’, ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Share’. Adding what they’re subscribing to, sharing or downloading can be a very helpful addition to your CTA. As long as it’s not too word-heavy and your audience will benefit from it, add it in! For example ‘subscribe to our newsletter’ might resonate with your audience more so than simply ‘subscribe’.

#2 Make your CTA stand out on your page

Whether it’s a pop-up CTA, slide-on CTA or perhaps just a static CTA button, it needs to stand out. HubSpot suggest using a contrasting design from the page the button is sat on, helping draw the audiences’ eye toward it. Making sure it stands out on your page, sounds simple, but it’s so easy to clog your pages up with text and product images that it can become difficult for the customer to decipher exactly what it is you’re wanting them to do.

#3 Find out what colour performs best

In an article published by Unbounce, after testing CTA colour and shape, a green circular button outperformed a blue rectangular button, increasing conversions by 35.81%. This highlights just how much a change so seemingly small and unnecessary can have on your conversion rate. A/B testing is a necessity when trying to determine exactly what elements of your CTA button work best. You should continue to test every element one change at a time, to understand exactly what helps increase conversions and what hinders its performance.

#4 Create urgency around your CTA

This tip doesn’t necessarily sit on your call-to-action itself, but perhaps within the page copy or in text directly below your button. Create a sense of urgency such as ‘offer for a limited time only’, or ‘first come first served’, or even a number counter of how many items you have left that ties directly into your CTA offer. Gently nudging the user into signing up/downloading your particular offer, can help increase your conversions dramatically.

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