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Marketing automation is important when it comes to helping your firm nurture its leads. We’ve put together three of our favourite automated email workflows that we think will help your firm hold on to those leads, nurturing them until they’re in need of your legal services!

Check out the three workflows below.

A topic-related email workflow

This workflow is triggered by a particular content offer download, whether you’ve created a quiz, a checklist piece, or a guide, once the user has submitted a form to access the content, this will trigger a set of emails you’ll have built in the automation system. Within these emails, you’ll have included other relevant content, content, that when downloaded will give those particular users more information about the topic surrounding the initial content download they engaged with. If the eBook topic was surrounding UK statistics for Road Traffic Accidents, for example, the next content piece you send them could be relating to how the claims process works, then perhaps directing them toward a successful case study for a client you’ve worked with.

This workflow is perfect for helping move your users down the purchasing funnel, until they’re ready to buy!

A newsletter subscription welcome workflow

When someone signs up to receive your firm’s newsletter, this becomes a great opportunity to introduce your firm for the first time. You need to ensure your welcome email sets the scene for a perfect first impression. You need to make sure your firm’s qualities come through the email contents. Your welcome workflow does need to be too long, but maybe just a few introductory emails, to make sure they’re aware of the content and free advice you can provide for them through your content pieces.

This workflow is ultimately to introduce your firm and encourage the user to explore your site, whilst making it obvious and easy for them to get in touch with any questions they might have.

A re-engagement workflow

This workflow is perfect for getting those users who have not yet purchased from you, but have interacted with your site a few months prior, back involved with your firm. Whether you guide them back to your site with a free exclusive offer, or a discounted service price, it’s important to re-engage your users; whether they’ve been gone 3 months, 6 months or even a year – just because they’re disengaged, doesn’t mean they won’t need your services again in the future!

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