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There are many benefits of mobile marketing in ecommerce, the benefits listed below should help you figure out which parts of your mobile strategy to perhaps focus on first. Some benefits carry immediate results and others are more costly and time-consuming. All are achievable with a comprehensive mobile strategy.

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Being mobile-facing can help your visibility on Google

Google’s algorithm update which was first rolled out last April, nicknamed ‘Mobilegeddon’, favours those sites who prioritise the mobile user experience. Whether you’re thinking of implementing a mobile-responsive site design or building an entirely separate mobile site, you need to re-evaluate your design if it only really caters for the desktop user.

You can increase your sales

A simple benefit. Increasing your sales is a goal many, if not all fashion brands strive to obtain. Reaching out and connecting with the mobile segment of your audience is of paramount importance, if you want to continue to appeal to the modern customer. In a survey conducted by comScore, the results highlighted that an enormous 43.3% of the total smartphone audience used their phone whilst in a retail store. This shows you don’t have to influence the mobile customer just to purchase on a mobile device, it can help integrate your current channels, too.

You become a truly omni-channel brand

Taking a mobile-first approach to your strategy, can help you on your way to becoming truly omni-channel. Omni-channel brands are what consumers now expect. Whether it’s being able to add a product to their basket and then change channels and the contents of that basket is still there, or being able to contact your customer services department easily, regardless of channel.

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