PPC Marketing Strategies For Your Law Firm To Implement

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Pay-per-click advertising can be a useful marketing strategy for your legal firm, allowing you to target you ideal audience, appear at the top of search engine result pages and present call-to-actions to potential clients. Below are four powerful marketing strategies that you can implement today to help increase traffic and conversions with your paid advertising.

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Create great copy

First of all, any legal PPC campaign lives and dies by its copy. For your ads, you have a limited character count, 25 for your headlines and 35 for each of the two description lines. With this in mind, it’s vital that your ad copy makes the most of this space, being direct, providing the next step and being relevant to the audience you are targeting.

But it’s not only your ad copy that needs to be great; the corresponding landing page also needs to have fantastic copy. The title of your landing page should mirror the text of your ad copy and reassure your audience that they have arrived at the right place. From there, just like your ad copy, your landing page should have a direct and clear message and call-to-action which should aim to move your potential client to the next step of your conversion funnel.

Use call extensions

Google AdWords in 2013 launched click-to-call ad extensions which allows your firm to take advantage of directing potential clients to call you directly from your ad on their mobile devices. Though this form of ad doesn’t see as high a click through rate as a standard paid search ad, they do deliver a much higher conversion rate due to the ability for you to have direct conversations with potential clients.

Just as with any other form of paid ad the click-to-call ads can be fully tracked and monitored allowing you to get that all important reporting data, allowing you to measure performance and provide d

Show that you are a local firm

Often a searcher seeing an ad at the top of search result pages may not have heard of your firm and will be looking for a firm local to them. This may be the case for your firm, and your ad will be optimised to target that geographic area, however, that searcher doesn’t know that and instead will look to click the organic result below which has been optimised for location. But by using the location extension in AdWords you can ensure your ad provides local business information and presents you as a local business to searchers.

Increase your ad space

Another ad extension which can be a powerful PPC strategy for your firm, giving you more real estate for your ad is the site link extension. This extension allows you to show four relevant page links in your ad, giving you great real estate within search results as well as being able to highlight your firm’s key services alongside your ads offer.

By using these four PPC strategies for your law firm you can ensure your ads are optimised to drive new clients to your law firm’s website and convert them into new business today!

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