Questions To Ask When Creating Your Legal Client Personas

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Crafting a well-developed and detailed client persona can have huge benefits to your law firm’s marketing efforts but building your firm’s client personas can be a long and expensive marketing strategy. So here we’ve gathered 10 questions you can ask yourself today to begin understanding your personas better.

Personal Background


Begin by asking yourself what your firm’s key demographics are, this allows you to start building a personal picture of your ideal clients. Are they male or female? Where do they live? How old are they? And what is their household income?

2. Career path

How did they get where they are today? What educational level did they complete? All of this helps you chose a tone and style for your contact.


For B2B firms you’ll want to ask yourselves these couple questions regarding the company and role of your ideal persona. Though the answers to these questions can be useful for B2C firms as well.

3. What industry or industries does the client work in?

4. What is the size of the clients company? Both in terms of revenue and employees.

5. At the client company who will be the individual you target? What is their role? And how is their performance measured and what does a day in their role look like?

Knowing these details about your personas company will aid you in building the correct form fields and workflows from your landing pages.

Goals and Challenges

6. What is the goal?

What exactly is it that your persona wants to get from your legal services and how can you go about helping them achieve that goal.

7. What are their biggest challenges?

Your legal firm is there to solve the problems of your target audience. So when asking yourself about your personas challenges, go into detail about how it affects them on a day-to-day basis and how it makes them feel.

Where they go online

8. Where does your ideal client go to gain information?

To be successful with your firm’s marketing efforts you need to ensure that you are getting your content in the right place to be seen by your ideal clients both online and offline. So knowing where exactly they look for information is a powerful tool to direct your marketing strategies.

9. What publications and blogs do your ideal claimants read?

Knowing the publications and blogs that your ideal clients read on a day-to-day basis can allow you to target advertising to those areas and try to get guest blogging spots so you can share your firm’s experience and knowledge.

10. What social networks do they use?

Social media is a powerful tool and 28% of time spent online is spent reading and interacting on social media channels. So asking yourself and investigating which social channels your ideal clients frequent will allow you to target which social channels to use to make sure you are active in the same space as your personas.

By asking yourself these ten questions you can help speed up the creation of your client personas and save your firm a lot of money, from conducting long winded research, and instead allow you to get straight to those main questions that you just can’t answer yourself.

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