Why Does Content Marketing Work In The Legal Sector?

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As the Content Marketing Institute has stated, content marketing is the present and the future of digital marketing. So we think your firm should set the wheels in motion!

Read on to learn a little more about content marketing and why it works for the legal sector.

Content marketing brings more relevant case leads to your door

Even if you were getting thousands of visitors to your firm’s site a day, that doesn’t mean your marketing campaigns have been successful. If it was a choice between thousands of daily visits, or one hundred relevant visits, you should want to pick the latter. Why? Well, an increase in traffic doesn’t mean it’s an increase in relevant traffic, therefore the increase is inconsequential, as those visitors aren’t interested in your services to begin with.

In order to obtain relevant case leads, you need to always have an audience in mind throughout your content marketing and your wider marketing efforts; building buyer personas helps your firm do just that – learn how to build your personas from scratch with these free templates.

Pull marketing VS push marketing

Push marketing is all about selling, pushing your legal services in front of your customers. Pull marketing is a much more subtle approach; instead of spending a concentrated period of your time shouting about your brand, content marketing is a way of magnetising a relevant audience to your site. Whilst you might be outreaching certain pieces of content to authoritative sites, the content is still very much about educating the reader, offering a solution to their problem – but without predominantly promoting your firm.

This pull marketing approach coupled with push marketing tactics, such as PPC or paid social advertising, can help strengthen your overall digital offering. If you want to read a little more about how you can best utilise paid media options for your firm, check out our downloadable PDF.

Content marketing can help your firm build trust

According to a survey conducted by YouGov, out of 1,702 adults, only 42% trusted lawyers to tell the truth, down from 47% in 2011. Building your brand authority and awareness, can help raise your profile amongst your target audience. With your name consistently positioned next to a helpful piece of advice content, placed on a site that your audience visit regularly and already trust as a source of knowledgeable information, your brand can only win!

Ready to talk? Call us today and find out how we can help your firm with a solid content marketing strategy.

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